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1001 Aladdin Blue Smooth Finish

1001 Aladdin Blue Smooth Finish

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The Aladdin 1001 was first produced in 1885 by The National Card Co. which was later acquired by The US Playing Card Co. Production on the brand ended in 2009 when the USPCC moved to their new facility in Kentucky.


The cards feature a uniquely smooth finish - no embossing - that makes for a slick snappy card reminiscent of vintage casino-style decks ideal for Cardistry. The feathers depicted on the backs make an excellent canvas for various marking schemes if you’re so inclined.


Manufactured to withstand high temperatures and constant precipitation makes this deck great for outdoor use.


Although readily available in Asian countries such as Singapore we are pleased the offer the 1001 Aladdin playing cards exclusively on Distractions Perfected for Canada and US Customers


Each deck features 52 poker-size playing cards and 4 jokers.

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