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1st V3 Playing Cards

1st V3 Playing Cards


The Deck comes in Mnemonica stack with a duplicate 4 of Spades and a playing card reveal on the King of Hearts. Both jokers are also foil stamped and identical.


One ad card features the foil stamped snake designed by renowned artist Abraham Garcia Sanchez.

The tuck case printed by Clove Street Press, features a mat white cardboard stock with embossing on the leaves and is beautifully wrapped with the iconic 1ST logo. The inside also features a repeated 1ST logo in gold foil.

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    Premium, crushed Bicycle stock. The V3 have the highest attention to the quality of any playing cards currently on the market.

    Printed by the United States Playing Card Company, they feature beautiful Metalux foiling on the backs and some faces of the cards.

    One of the nicest, and smoothest decks you will ever handle. Available now while quantities last. These will never be reprinted.

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