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Art of Cardistry Playing Cards Red Edition

Art of Cardistry Playing Cards Red Edition

C$24.99 Regular Price
C$19.99Sale Price

This Art of Cardistry deck is a beauty to behold. Its lines, colors, and intriguing graphics result in a deck you'll be proud to show off!


Freeze your audience in place with the majestic Frozen Art of Cardistry Playing Cards. You’ve never seen cardistry visuals as mind-blowing as the jewel effect these incredible polygon-themed, arctic blue playing cards can produce.



    Every single Frozen Art of Cardistry Playing Card is 100% original. In fact, it took more than 50 different prototypes to find the perfect design that commands attention without being distracting.

    Frozen Art of Cardistry Playing Card are ready for any cardistry flourish, fan, display or aerial right out of the box thanks to printing on premium quality stock with an air-cushion finish by the USPCC.

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