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Bicycle Vintage Classic

Bicycle Vintage Classic


How would you like to show your friends or audience an extremely old, worn-out deck that is brand new? They will be fascinated! 


Introducing Bicycle Vintage Classic Playing Cards! This deck of playing cards looks like it has been locked up for nearly a century, waiting for someone to come along and rediscover it. The intricate casing has aged beautifully as the tuck has yellowed but the red has kept its vibrant color through the years. This deck of playing cards is printed by Bicycle and produced by Collectable Playing Cards. 


Bicycle Playing Cards has been around for a long long time, but never before has there been such a wonderfully crafted, simplistic design that portrays the way cards used to be. The Bicycle Vintage deck's emblem appears to resemble an old-time secret society, with the spade as its symbol. 


  • The Aces have gone through a lot of aging, but you can still make out the amazing artwork. 
  • The court cards are aged in a standard manner, and bare the worn-out look from constant usage. 
  • The Jokers are filled with anticipation for someone to finally show them the light of day once more. 
  • The numbered cards show much of the same vintage look, along with crisp, easy-to-read pips. 
  • Have fun watching people's stunned surprise upon seeing this marvelous deck!
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